Technical Support

  The company is equipped with advanced equipment and strong technical force. It not only introduces international advanced OBLF Direct-Reading Spectrometer and domestic advanced testing instruments such as Hardness Tester, Abrasion Machine, impact testing machine and heat treatment furnace, but also sets up special laboratory for testing and research. At the same time, it has two automatic iron mold sand covering production lines, one automatic push-rod type gas heat treatment production line, one automatic push-rod type resistance heat treatment production line, one automatic ball-rising separation production line and two sets of digital intelligent pouring system, and are equipped with the corresponding dust removal and smoke removal environmental protection equipment. At the same time, the self-developed heat treatment process of "oil quenching + waste heat isothermal transformation treatment" is adopted to avoid the adverse factors such as high corrosion, high water consumption and complex operation process existing in the traditional salt bath process, forming a high level of smelting, heat treatment and other comprehensive casting capacity in the same industry.


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