Quality credit report


  Based on the business policy of "professional focus and quality innovation", the company operates according to law, develops scientifically, protects the environment, saves energy and reduces emissions, works safely, puts customers first and quality first. The purpose of the company is to make all sectors of society understand the concept and work development of Huafeng company's social responsibility, listen to the opinions of all sectors, accept social supervision and improve the work.

  General manager's speech:

  Dear government departments, friends and colleagues from all walks of life

  Huafeng company sincerely thanks users from all walks of life for their love, support and cooperation!

  Our company has advanced production technology and equipment, and has established a strict quality control system and perfect after-sales service system. We Huafeng people are not afraid of difficulties, constantly reform, forge ahead, strong and tenacious, bravely stand at the forefront of the market competition, seize opportunities, think ahead, grasp the law, take advantage of the trend, keep pace with the times, forge ahead, and are committed to the revitalization and development of the business.

  We will continue to follow the corporate mission of "producing high-quality wear-resistant materials and increasing production and efficiency for users", follow the corporate vision of "building a healthy enterprise and becoming a pioneer in the industry", with high-level management means, high-quality talent team, advanced production equipment and strong financial strength, with vigorous vitality, inexhaustible power, team ability and heroic courage Exquisite skills to produce better products, thank customers, serve customers, and work with customers to create a brilliant tomorrow.

  We welcome the supervision and guidance of government departments and all sectors of society.

  Company profile:

  Ningguo Huafeng wear-resistant material Co., Ltd., established in 2004 with a registered capital of 31.8 million yuan, is a professional high-tech enterprise of wear-resistant materials integrating research, development, production and sales. The company covers an area of 37 mu, with total assets of 146.7771 million yuan, sales revenue of over 200 million yuan in 2020, total profit of nearly 20 million yuan and 170 employees. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSMS18001 occupational safety management system certification. The company has successively won the honorary titles of "high-tech enterprise", "Anhui famous brand product", "Anhui famous trademark", "Anhui Enterprise Technology Center", "Anhui specialized and new enterprise" and "the fourth excellent performance introduction Award", and the brand value has reached 104 million yuan. At present, the company has 34 patents (including 13 invention patents), 4 new products, "Anhui Science and technology research achievements" and "Ningguo science and Technology Award", and is responsible for presiding over the formulation of Anhui local standards for "Austrian ferrite nodular cast iron grinding balls" and group standards for "isothermal quenched nodular cast iron grinding balls containing carbonates".

  The company mainly produces and sells wear-resistant material products such as austenitic cast balls and chromium alloy cast balls. In particular, the company successfully passed the new product appraisal of Anhui Province through the independently developed "oil quenching + waste heat isothermal transformation treatment" heat treatment new process and equipment, The process and equipment have passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements in Anhui Province, won the third prize of "Ningguo science and Technology Award", and obtained the authorization of invention patent.

  With reliable quality, reasonable price and high-quality service, the products sell well in many provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and are highly praised by users such as Zijin Mining Group, Chinalco group, China Railway Group, Zhejiang Qingshi group, Guizhou Rongsheng group, Henan Huiyuan aluminum company and Anhui conch group, and are exported to Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

  Advantages of the company:

  a) Product advantages: the casting products made of Austenitic Ductile Iron independently developed by our company have the characteristics of high-quality wear resistance, corrosion resistance, higher impact toughness, energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection, and the national market share is in the forefront.

  b) Scientific and technological innovation: the company has defined the policy of "taking technological innovation as the core", established a long-term industry university research cooperation relationship with Guangzhou Jinan University, and used the advantages of both sides to carry out research on wear-resistant materials.

  c) Enterprise scale: after nearly 17 years of rapid development, our company has become a domestic superior wear-resistant material manufacturer. Its sales revenue, total assets, product grade and economic benefits rank among the top in the same industry in China, and enjoy a high reputation.

  d) Regional advantages: Ningguo is the "capital of wear-resistant castings", close to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, with obvious regional advantages.

  e) Marketing Channel: the sales market of the company's products includes domestic and foreign markets. The company mainly adopts direct sales, maintains good relations with customers and has a stable market.

  To sum up, Huafeng company has certain competitive advantages in the same industry, has good benefits in recent three years, ranks among the top five in the same industry in China, and is the main force and technological innovation leader in the wear-resistant material industry.

  Quality concept

  Focusing on economic benefits, focusing on process quality control, focusing on the production and operation objectives of high quality, high efficiency and low consumption, the company has gradually established the business purpose of "integrity-based, quality first, customer first, mutual benefit and win-win" and the quality policy of "ensuring quality by innovation and expanding the market by brand" through year-on-year technical transformation and construction, Integrate the quality management concept into the whole process of the company's operation, and the quality awareness goes deep into the hearts of every employee and externalized in the actual work. In recent years, in establishing the integrity system, the company has paid attention to strengthening the core position of quality management, continuously improved the comprehensive control level of the quality management department, penetrated the sense of quality responsibility and mission such as "quality is life" and "the next process is the customer of the previous process" into the whole production control, implemented it in each post process, and effectively created a good environment of joint management and Always pay attention to the unremitting quality management atmosphere of the whole staff, and comprehensively improve the product quality through efforts to create and establish the awareness of quality integrity. Pay close attention to the needs, expectations and preferences of customers and the market, always focus on customers, establish win-win strategic partners, and adjust and improve production measures and management.

  Quality Assurance

  The company established a quality management system in accordance with GB / T19001 standard, and integrated the "three standards in one" management system of ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system in 2011 to effectively implement and maintain improvement, so as to meet the requirements of customers and fulfill the commitment of the company's spherical product and service quality to the society.

  In order to effectively implement the quality management system and achieve the company's quality policy and quality objectives, supervise, measure, analyze, improve, manage, provide resources, collect information and continuously improve the whole process according to the characteristics of the company's products.

  According to the production characteristics of ball casting products, according to the customer's performance requirements for ball casting wear resistance and relevant laws and regulations and the requirements of relevant parties, relevant management departments shall prepare corresponding technical documents (process procedures, etc.) and management documents according to the requirements of management responsibilities, clarify the enterprise's quality policy, quality objectives and quality manual, improve quality records and clarify responsibilities. And allocate appropriate resources to implement the product realization process. Monitor the process implementation, measure and analyze the results, and feed back relevant information to relevant functional departments to achieve continuous improvement and ensure the realization of product quality objectives.

  In order to ensure the effective operation and control of the required processes, relevant departments shall provide and formulate operation instructions, technical standards (procedures), management documents, inspection and test procedures and other documents required for the implementation of each process.

  Our specific work on total quality management is as follows:

  (1) . strengthen document control

  Through the control of quality related documents and data, ensure that all relevant departments and posts can timely obtain and use effective documents and data, and prevent the use and misuse of invalid documents and data.

  1. The company office is responsible for the preparation of quality management system documents, the control of documents and data, the centralized management of documents and data of the factory, and its effectiveness.

  2. The technology department is responsible for the preparation and modification of technical documents, management documents and data, and is responsible for their effectiveness.

  3. All relevant departments are responsible for the control of documents and data under their own management.

  4. Each document user department is responsible for the management of documents and data.

  5. Improve the management of document distribution, change, destruction, archiving and review, and make relevant records.

  (2) Improve quality records

  1. The quality department is the centralized management department of quality records, responsible for the quality records, identification and cataloging, and supervising and inspecting the quality records of various functional departments.

  2. Each relevant department shall appoint a special person to manage, prepare and sample the relevant quality records of the Department, guide the use, and be responsible for collection, sorting, archiving and safekeeping.

  (3) . strengthen the control of raw material procurement

  Procurement process: according to the requirements of the production plan, the procurement department shall put forward the procurement list - Market Research - collect relevant material information - preliminarily determine the supplier list - evaluate the supplier's ability - determine the qualified party - select the cooperative supplier - the procurement department shall put forward the procurement application plan and submit it to the factory director for approval - sign a contract with the supplier - inspect the purchased products - return the unqualified products and put them into storage.

  The supply department shall, in strict accordance with the procurement procedures and production needs, timely collect market information, timely supply all kinds of raw materials required for production on time and in quantity, and jointly with the quality department, technology department and manufacturing workshop, conduct comprehensive management on whether all kinds of raw materials, product quality, price and delivery are timely.

  (4) Strengthen the control of production process

  The technological process of ball casting, casting and forging of the company: batching - smelting - pre furnace analysis, refining - casting - demoulding - post furnace analysis - grinding - Inspection - warehousing - delivery.

  1. The production process of cast ball (forged) lining plate is a special process. Since the performance of grinding ball depends not only on the chemical composition of molten iron, but also on the casting quality, and the internal defects of grinding ball are not easy to be fully verified through subsequent inspection or experiment, strict control is required for all important parameters to ensure the stability of process quality. The specific control is as follows:

  (1) The proportion of pig iron and waste steel shall be strictly controlled and accurately measured before entering the furnace, especially to prevent the mixing of harmful elements such as aluminum and zinc in the waste steel.

  (2) Chemical composition of molten iron: spectral element analyzer is used to analyze and monitor the composition of each furnace of molten steel before and after the furnace, so as to ensure that the composition of various products meets the process requirements and is strictly controlled within the technical specifications.

  (3) Molten iron tapping temperature: the infrared optical thermometer is used to measure the molten iron temperature and tapping temperature.

  (4) Inspection of abrasive tools and modeling quality: self inspection by the modeler and re inspection by the inspector.

  (5) Controlled pouring: the molten iron shall be poured by skilled pouring workers. After pouring into the ladle, it shall be fully stirred and poured after removing the slag with perlite. During the pouring process, the cooling of cold iron shall be controlled, and the feeding shall be carried out when the liquid is full. Wet ladle pouring, wet ladle pouring and low-temperature pouring are not allowed. During the pouring process, the samples after the furnace shall be removed and the composition after the furnace shall be tested. After pouring, the mold can be opened only when the ball turns dark and red. Qualified products shall be stacked in a dry place and kept warm in time.

  (6) The technology department shall supervise, inspect and guide the control points of the workshop on site.

  7) The quality department shall recheck each control point to ensure that the product quality meets the customer's requirements.

  2. Through the control of the activities involved in the production process of products, manufacturing workshops and management departments, it is controlled to ensure that the final product quality meets the customer's requirements. The relevant responsibilities of each functional department are as follows:

  (1) The technology department is responsible for the preparation, implementation and implementation of product production plan and the centralized management of production process; Be responsible for the planning and determination of the production process, formulate the technical documents (including chemical composition, performance and other requirements) and process documents used in the production process of grinding ball (grinding forging) lining plate products, and be responsible for their accuracy, integrity, effectiveness and feasibility, and can meet the quality requirements; Be responsible for the implementation and inspection of technical documents, the maintenance, maintenance and management of production equipment, and safe and civilized production.

  (2) The quality department shall check the process quality, strengthen the monitoring and detection of key processes (chemical composition analysis of molten iron and service condition of abrasive tools), control the inspection, test and laboratory equipment, and make various records to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements.

  (3) The operator shall operate in strict accordance with the requirements of technical documents and process procedures, conduct self inspection on the process quality, and be responsible for the product quality of the post. Chemical analysis in front of the furnace shall be carried out according to the requirements of chemical analysis procedures. The chemical composition of molten iron shall be strictly controlled in the production process. The molten iron temperature and the molding quality of abrasive tools shall be checked before pouring. Pouring shall be carried out after confirming that the requirements are met.

  (5) . molding process control

  1. During ball casting production, each shift shall check the dimensions of the inner gate and mandrel of the grinding tool. The dimensions of various specifications shall meet the process requirements, and those that do not meet the process requirements are not allowed to be used.

  2. During casting and forging production, each shift shall check whether there is water leakage to casting and forging in the casting and forging machine. If any, it shall be stopped and repaired in time.

  3. During ball casting production, the temperature of ball milling itself shall be greater than 25 ℃.

  (6) . heat treatment process and temperature control

  1. Full automatic heat treatment oil quenching furnace is used for quenching of various products, and electric resistance furnace is used for oil quenching and tempering.

  2. Before heat treatment of the product, check the working state of the thermal instrument and the consistency between the meter indication and the temperature recorded by the probe. Inaccurate instruments shall not be used.

  3. The loading capacity of single barrel of various specifications must be strictly controlled and must meet the process requirements.

  4. Products of different specifications shall not be mixed.

  5. Whether quenching or tempering, high winding ball, forging, low chromium ball, forging and lining plate shall be in accordance with different specifications and materials, strictly in accordance with the production process requirements of the factory, and strictly control the loading capacity, temperature and time to ensure that the products meet the requirements of national standards after heat treatment.

  (7) Product acceptance control

  1. The quality inspector of each shift shall handle the unqualified products in time, and it is strictly prohibited to bring the unqualified products of the previous process into the next process. The waste products reported shall be treated and returned to the furnace in time. After pouring of each furnace, the melting, discharging, pouring and forming process of the furnace shall be filled in the quality inspection tracking card in detail and carefully.

  2. When finished products are warehoused, it is necessary to check whether there are shrinkage holes on the product surface, cast into heat treatment cracks, cold shut and wrinkled skin. Products with defective appearance shall not be warehoused.

  3. Strengthen the sampling inspection of finished products before warehousing, and the products that do not meet the quality indexes such as internal chemical composition and hardness impact value shall not be warehoused. The products that pass the inspection shall be packed in high-strength woven bags. It is strictly prohibited to mix products of different specifications. After measurement, hang product labels and certificates according to different product names and specifications.

  (8) Strengthen management review

  Review the quality management system according to the planned time to ensure its continuous suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. Report the operation of the quality management system to the general manager, put forward improvement suggestions, and prepare corresponding management review reports. Formulate, collect and provide data sources required for management review, and be responsible for tracking and verifying corrective and preventive measures after review. The review shall be conducted at least once a year, which can be conducted in combination with the results of internal audit or arranged as needed. The management review plan shall be prepared, and the management review report shall be prepared after the review.

  (9) Strengthen internal audit

  Through regular audit of the quality management system of the factory, verify whether its quality activities and relevant results meet the requirements of the standard regulations, and whether these Regulations are effectively implemented and can achieve the objectives, so as to find problems and take corrective and preventive measures to promote the continuous improvement and perfection of the quality management system. The company passes the implementation of quality policies and objectives, customer satisfaction, internal quality system audit results, data analysis results, corrective and preventive measures, management review and other processes. To achieve daily continuous improvement, put forward improvement projects, promote the continuous improvement of quality management and continuously meet the needs of customers.

  Strict quality management awareness, advanced technical equipment, scientific testing means and perfect after-sales service have made the qualification rate of our "ninghuafeng" brand Austrian ferrite series products and chromium chromium alloy series products reach 100%, and have passed the supervision and random inspection of provincial, municipal and local quality and technical supervision departments for three consecutive years. The company has no bad quality credit record.


  After years of outstanding efforts and painstaking management, Huafeng company has become an intangible asset of our company. Our company will continue to work hard and keep the product quality in an advantageous position.

  Looking forward to the future, in the fierce market competition, if Huafeng company wants to remain invincible, it largely depends on the product quality of the enterprise, the core technology and independent innovation ability of the enterprise, and the cultivation and development of the brand. We will firmly establish the sense of quality responsibility, run through the whole process of daily production and operation, and further carry out quality revitalization to continuously sublimate it.