Comparative analysis on economic benefits of high chromium and low chromium pellets in iron ore production

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  For a long time, low chromium balls and forged steel balls have been widely used as abrasives in cement industry, thermal power plant, especially in iron ore and non-ferrous metal mining and processing industry. Some domestic steel ball manufacturers have done a lot of work with high chromium cast balls instead of low chromium balls and forged balls. However, due to the poor quality and wear resistance of the products, sometimes a lot of damage even occurs, which brings economic benefits to users. It cannot change the status quo.


  This paper analyzes the economic benefits of mining sphere from several aspects (taking iron ore as an example)

  Most mines generally use low chromium ball, its price is about 6000 yuan / ton, grinding body consumption is about 3kg per ton of concentrate powder. When zqcr 10 ordinary high chromium ball is used in our plant, the average price is 8000 yuan / ton (excluding freight and packing charges, the same below), and the consumption of concentrate powder is 1.5kg/t. Using high chromium ball instead of low chromium ball can greatly reduce the actual consumption of steel ball per unit year, thus saving the part of steel ball as follows. Direct benefits, reduced freight and increased Taiwan production will also produce greater benefits.

  1。 To reduce the purchase cost caused by wear reduction: the original use of low chromium ball mill 3kg, the price is 6000 yuan / ton, the total value of 300 tons of low chromium ball mill 100000 tons of concentrate powder 1.8 million yuan; now use high chromium ball mill. Wear resistant 1.5kg, price 8000 yuan / T, production of 100000 tons of concentrate powder need 150 tons of high chromium ball, the total value of 1.2 million yuan. Two yuan and one yuan savings 600000 yuan. At the same time, because the purchase quantity is greatly reduced, it also saves a lot of freight.

  2。 From the point of view of customer workshop, using zqcr10 ordinary high chromium ball reflects that the consumption cost of concentrate powder per ton is 8000 yuan / ton * 1.5kg/ton? Concentrate powder = 12 yuan, using zqcr2 high chromium ball reflects the consumption cost of concentrate ball is 6000 yuan / T * 3kg / T? Concentrate ball = 18 yuan, the consumption cost per ton of concentrate powder is reduced by 6 yuan. The production of 100000 tons of concentrate powder can save 600000 yuan, and the economic benefit is considerable.

  3。 Because carbides are dispersed in the matrix structure of high chromium ball, the content of (Cr, c) 7C3 carbides is high, the wear resistance is good, the wear resistance is low, and the grinding efficiency is high. It not only improves the fineness of the concentrate to a certain extent, but also increases the output of the concentrate when feeding, and ensures and improves the quality of the concentrate powder. At the same time, the processing period of workers is prolonged, and the labor intensity of workers is reduced.

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